Honda cm250tb

A wee rebuild project, last update 19th July 2020

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Email      [email protected]

Address.    A garage somewhere in the Highlands



Dismantling and building

Here's what's left of my bike, one of 19, 1982 Hondacm250tb's registered SORN in the UK. Only 5 still licensed.

Got the information from


back-end engineout1 engineout2 clocks emptydesk frame brakes-apart frontwheelaxle

Companies I have used and WOULD  recommend.


Powder coating my frame n bits.

Mk2 Powder Coating Athelstaneford Edinburgh

Look them up for phone number/


Chrome plating



I found a microfiche on ebay for my bike and this has helped a lot


Plating kit

I used them to plate older parts, saves a bit of money on new parts.



Acorn Signs Inverness and


Hard Chroming fork stanchions



Engine Stand from Michael in Dublin


Richard Yardley at Basildon Locks

Cranes Road Farm 01268 521234

helped with all the locks on the bike and getting them all to work with the one key, even although I was replacing  parts. Very helpful, great guy!


Michael Millar at Millar Soda Blasting

Gave good advice, very pleasant and helpful.


Powder coating rack and indicator ticks Great job, but chase them for a quick job.




chainguard-decal zincplatedparts bare-frame-coated

The Aluminium castings at the front have NOT been plated. Just been polishing them, trying to get to a mirror fininsh.  The other bits are my  first attempt at plating. The spring looks great. One thing I've learned - don't cut corners - clean all the parts and don't move on to the next process until you are really happy with that stage, it's just not worth it.



Got this info from David Silver _ The information for the codes on the bolts as follows:

The 11th digit on the part number is the “material”

0 = “high carbon steel”

The 12th digit is for “surface treatment”;

0 = “zinc plate (white)”

7 = “black”

8 = “zinc plate (yellow)”

frame1 starter1 swingingarm-and-centrestand


frontwheelON rearwheelON whiteheadlamppair whitetankbeforepainting whitetankdecals whitedecalsnotused whitebitsbeforedecals whitetankprimed whitepaneldecals IMG_5978