Honda cm250tb

A wee rebuild project, last update 19th July 2020

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Email      [email protected]

Address.    A garage somewhere in the Highlands



The Executive

Some Spaghetti

So I bought the bike from ebay from a company down south. It was in not bad nick. Ran well although getting it to warm up and tick over took  a wee while. It's got a wee single seat which I'm going to keep. The exhausts were rotten underneath, I could put my hand in through the hole. So I managed to track down  a new set from Brituro.  Thinking about a colour scheme of white Tank, side panels and front light casing.  Black engine with polished casings. Some wee gold touches here and there, I'll try and get a set of gold coloured decals for the tank.


I'm hoping to do all this myself, so I've bought some kit. The bike stand was a whim until I actually used it, it's great. Got a compressor and sand blaster for the smaller bits. Maybe if I enjoy it, I'll do another.



Got some shots of parts of the bike up here in a slideshow. I'm taking lots of pictures to remind me where bits came from.


two-bikes bike-from-back spaghetti