Honda cm250tb

A wee rebuild project, last update 19th July 2020

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Email      [email protected]

Address.    A garage somewhere in the Highlands




This is the page of the Mike's Bike and parts when they are tidied up.




Got my chainguard rechromed by they made a 'reasonable' job of it.     Other parts from ASHFORD  they made a real GOOD  job. Their email is on the "During" page

chromechainguard chrome-bits front-forks front-steering

So these two pics are me starting to build  the front end back up. Had the forks  repolished and polished up the stanchions on the buff. Should I put polish on them, i'm not sure. Rechromed the main nut and washer, would have been cheaper buying a new one! Zinc plated washers etc, Dip coated the main parts.


Here are some parts just before placing the decals.  Two pack paint, then  a lacquer coat after that. Decals were about £4 each, I altered most of the design work. Since the bike is a bit of a bobber I didnt feel as if this would matter.

IMG_5979 whitebitsbeforedecals July2019 exhaust brake-caliper airfilter finishday2 finishday1